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Young Living stands apart in the essential oils industry and sets the standard for planting, growing, harvesting, distilling, and producing essential oils.

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The new CBD Premium Starter Kits are Available in Two Options:

Regular-Strength CBD PSK

Item #31185 | $165 | 100PV

Our original Regular Strength PSK is a good fit for those new to CBD and includes:

+ Calm CBD roll-on (300MG)

+ CBD Muscle Rub (300MG)

+Citrus CBD Oil (500MG)

+Guide to Get Started with CBD


Extra-Strength CBD PSK

Item #31514 | $250 | 175PV

Our original or Extra-Strength PSK is a good choice for those with more CBD experience or who prefer a higher CBD milligram content and includes:

+Calm CBD roll-on (600MG)

+CBD Muscle Rub (600MG)

+Citrus CBD Oil (1000MG)

+Guide to Get Started with CBD


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